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Hey there! We're excited to have Littlest pet shop lps Wiki as part of the Wikia community! There's still a lot to do, so here are some helpful tips and links to get your wiki going:

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All of the above links are a great place to start exploring Wikia. If you get stuck or have a question you can't find the answer to -- please contact us here. But most importantly, have fun! :)

Happy editing!

-- Sannse @fandom

Hi,I'm StarNicole and I just want to say I edit your LPS wiki a lot and your Welcome! I love LPS! Can you please help me edit? StarNicole 21:35, January 24, 2012 (UTC)

Hey! I being working and making a lot of pages on your Wikia! StarNicole 23:36, March 19, 2012 (UTC)

We can talk now and...............OMG YOUR PROFILE PICTURE IS MY DRAWING OF ME AS A LPS Bunny! StarNicole 22:10, March 21, 201

Go on chat on Sunday 25 10:05AM in the morning,please! StarNicole 00:48, March 25, 2012 (UTC)

I'm Offline at 12:45! That about 7:00PM?StarNicole 23:07, March 25, 2012 (UTC)

Your awesome !

Dr.Kyurem Edit

Hi Lpsglaceon918 Im Dr.Kyurem nice make your wiki i like that

Hello Lpsglaceon918, If you would like to learn how to be an admin, Read Below,

1. To make someone an admin

first, go to the Contributions page on someone's profile

second, click user rights managment

third, fill in the checks and save changes

friend Edit

hi do u know im (Harrison paul-brooks)

PLEASE HELP! The LPSO Page is going CRAZY. There's to much Comments. Can you please lock the LPSO Page and delete all the comments? ~Laura and StarNicole


it is very nice to meet you! I just came here to say hi and meet you.

Flitterheart (talk) 22:36, October 17, 2012 (UTC)flitterheart

PLEASE LOCK THE "LPSO fans angry at StarNicole for no reason" and DELETE ALL the COMMENT ON THIS WIKIA THAT IS MEAN?! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! StarNicole (talk)

Can you enter my lps drawing contest at my blog? nobody had ever entered my contest. (flitterheart)

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